Information for Authors

Format of Presentations:

Paper sessions will consist of three to four presentations in a 90 minute session.  The session will be divided equally between the presenters.

Workshop presenters will be given the full 90 minute session.

Panel sessions will last 90 minutes and it is the presenters’ choice how that time is split between panelists.

Poster sessions will last 90 minutes and consist of a large group of presenters.  Poster sessions allow attendees to speak with the presenters on a one-to-one basis.  If you are scheduled for a poster session, the following supplies will be provided to present your research on:

  • Easel
  • Tri-fold display board (48 x 36 inches)
  • Markers
  • Push pins
  • Tape
  • Round table
  • Chairs

Submissions are accepted electronically at c theme of the letter «Mediafest-2009». Also, please specify details about the author: surname, name and patronymic (in full), place of employment, position, scientific degree and title, address, telephone number, e-mail, sending the conference.

Terms articles

  • 1Articles in the journal «Proceedings of the higher education institutions. Problems printing and publishing »taken from the authors by e-mail:
  • 2Articles published free of charge. Authors are sent free copies of the journal 2 with the published work. Authors' fees are not paid.
  • 3All articles are reviewed. Reviews sent to authors of articles in the HAC on-demand expert advice. The period of review articles are more than 3 months from the date of the article.

Authors must submit to the editorial board by e-mail:

  • 1Article processed in accordance with the requirements of the material submitted for publication in the journal.
  • 2Questionnaires filled in each of the authors of the article.
  • 3Recommendation of faculty or research department of the institution where the work performed. Recommendations should include the relevant information about the relevance of scientific novelty and practical significance of the work submitted for publication.
  • 4Permission for publication in the press articles from the agency, which carried out this work.

Example of filling in the form:

The title of the article: ____________________________________________________

Name *


Place of work (institution)


Affiliation (department, division, etc.) *


Position *


Degree *


Graduate, Doctorate *


Home address with postal code (used to send copies of copyright)


Phone home


Mobile Phone


Work phone


E-mail *


Fields marked * are required.

Requirements to materials submitted for publication in the journal

  • 1Editors decided to publish only open to Russian English material, as well as in German (for foreign authors).
  • 2The journal publishes articles of scientific and practical interest, as well as dissertations on scientific degree of Doctor or Candidate of Sciences.
  • 3Submissions for publication in the journal should be submitted in paper and electronic materials in MS Word format (e-mail:
  • 4The text should be printed double-spaced pins 14 on one side of a sheet of white typing paper in A4 format with margins 2.5 cm in width, the sheet and inserts.
  • 5The volume of articles should not exceed 15 pages of printed text, including illustrations and tables.
  • 6In the article should provide references to tables, figures, and literary sources.
  • 7Article shall be accompanied by Russian and English: title, abstract (5-6 lines), keywords (no more than 5), bibliography (no more than 15 sources).
  • 8The article identifies UDC, initials and surname (s) of author (s), place of employment, positions and contact information (e-mail).
  • 9The dimension of all variables of the article should be consistent with the International System of Units (SI).
  • 10Tables must have headings, illustrations and figures should be in the form suitable for printing reproduction, accompanied by legends.
  • 11References must include all cited and referred to in the text of the work. In the preparation of bibliographic lists pristateynyh should be strictly guided by the GOST 7.1-2003 «bibliographic record. Bibliographical description. General requirements and rules of the ». With reference to the invention should indicate author, title, year, page number and the «Bulletin of Inventions». Links to work in the press are not allowed.
  • 12Bibliographical description given in the following order: author's surname and initials, full title of work, place of publication, publisher name, year of publication, the page (for non-recurrent publications), for periodical: surname and initials of author, full title of work, name of publication, year of release , Volume, Pages. With reference to the literary source in the text provides a serial number in the brackets.
  • 13Abbreviations of words, names, names are not allowed. Permitted only common abbreviations of the names of the measures of physical, chemical and mathematical variables and terms, etc.
  • 14Article is accompanied by a permit to publish in the press of the agency, which carried out this work.
  • 15Received article are mandatory review. Reviews sent to authors. Reviews of rejected works contain a reasoned objection to the publication of non-journal article topic, the requirements of the magazine articles, as well as in cases where the results of this paper do not have scientific or practical value, are not elements of a scientific novelty. In reviews of works sent for revision are listed in the comments section.
  • 16On a separate sheet indicating full name of the authors, their postal address, home telephone number, occupation, address, employment, business telephone, fax, e-mail address.
  • 17The materials do not meet the requirements shall be returned to authors for the reduction and modification. The date of receipt of article after processing is considered to be the day the formulation of the final text.
  • 18Additions by the author copy and proof-reading to the manuscript are not allowed.
  • 19The editorial board reserves the right to make cuts and edits of manuscripts.
  • 20Authors are sent 2 copies to the author's published article, print the article (at the request of the author).
  • 21Authors' fees are not paid.


The information support will be rendered by:

"Russian Newspaper"
Magazine "Publish"
"Printing Industry"
"Higher Education Today"
"Higher Education in Russia"